Fabric Protection

The UV3 Masterguard - W Fabric Protection was designed to protect new and cleaned fabrics from water, dirt and household grease, and to keep them looking new. It will not change the feel, color or the breath ability of the fabric. This product is non-toxic and odorless when dry.

UV3 W-Fabric Protection

  • UV3 Fabric Spray will increase the strength of your fabric up to 60%
  • Designed to enhance the wear ability of your fabric furniture
  • Prevents permanent staining
  • Provides a barrier against the abrasion of dirt and dust particles, increasing fabric durability
  • Prevents oil and water-based stains from penetrating into most fabrics
  • Prevents permanent staining from anything you eat or drink and more
  • Extends beauty and wear life
  • Fights harmful effects of ultra violet rays, reducing premature fading
  • 100% non-toxic formula when dry